For democracy in Togo





This Charter proclaims that Togo is not a democracy.


The present Charter states that popular uprisings, political dialogues as well as various elections, have always been disguised and diverted to the detriment of the populations and the sole need for the confiscation of power by the dictatorial regime in place for almost 55 years; the longest dictatorial reign in Africa and the second in the world after North Korea, if we refer to the founding act of the regime which remains the assassination of the first democratically elected president of Togo.


This Charter recognizes the civic duty to transcend the various difficulties and obstacles that punctuate the path of return to the Republic in Togo, and the members agree on the fundamental need for transition, rebuilding and rebirth of Togo into a rule of law, throughout the dawn of Democracy, Reconciliation and Development for the benefit of populations bruised by more than half a century of multiple oppressions in Togo.


In witness whereof, we establish the essential conditions as well as the acts of national and international solidarity among the Citizens, between the Citizens and the Friends of Togo, mainly:

1.       The creation of a mutual cooperative intended to raise funds, to help restore democracy, and more generally a rule of law in Togo.

2.       The mutual cooperative is open to natural persons through a modular, standardized subscription with limits, lower (basic participation) and upper (maximum participation), duly prescribed.

3.       The basic participation is also equivalent to a voting right, the accumulation of which by a single person may not exceed the maximum participation determined.

4.       The initial duration of collection and subscriptions is twelve months, starting one day in January 2021 to another in January 2022; this initial fundraising period precedes any primary use or allocation of funds.

5.       The Supervisory Board is vested with the responsibility of transparency, rigor and sound administration alongside other bodies governed by applicable Canadian laws in this area.