Let’s move from words to action: let’s pool our resources and our enthusiasm to finance the rise of democracy in Togo.

The aim is to pool at least US $ 20 per person in the coming months. We can do it! So let’s give, give generously, give at least $ 20 or $ 200.

Every $ 20 gives you a decision share, and $ 200 are 10 shares in the mutual cooperative we’re building together.

We have chosen to use PayPal to collect your contributions. Through the PayPal network all credit and debit cards are generally accepted.

From our home page, in the privacy or you own home, you can make your contribution safely in three essential steps:

Step 1: Click on DONATE NOW

Step 2: Choose the AMOUNT to donate, from $ 20 to $ 200. Anything over 200 USD is accepted, but the associated voting right is always the maximum of 10.

Step 3: Fill in your PERSONAL INFORMATION, including your name and email address. It is not our preference, but anonymity is offered and we will respect your choice if you leave the “Donate anonymously” box checked.


REMINDER: The conversion from US Dollars to your own currency is done automatically, and you will be charged in the currency of your country if not US.

Thank you… Thank you for your commitment to Togo…

Togo must come out of dictatorship by our singular determination to extract it. Let us count on ourselves, Togolese and Friends of Togo.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us by email at