Togolese and Friends of Togo


1963-2021: 58 years of of the Republic in Togo, that’s enough … It’s even too much!

The time has come for the men and women of Togo to regain their dignity from the hands of the dictatorship. The world changes; democracy hurts no one; on the contrary, democracy frees everyone by guaranteeing the fundamental rights of every citizen.

Together, let us join our abilities, our enthusiasm, our determination and our solidarity.

Together, let’s bring together our resources for the benefit of democracy in Togo.

Your financial donation represents part of the ultimate decision-making power regarding the use of funds raised by InterTogo. This project is therefore in three phases:

  1. Collection of financial resources associated with decision-making shares;
  2. Choice of democracy projects: 20% social and 80% political;
  3. Funding decision for the priority projects selected.

Thank you for creating the history of Togo and of human dignity with this citizen initiative of InterTogo.


Pierre S. ADJETE


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